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The steps to making your idea a reality


You share your idea. We listen. We ask a few questions to make sure we understand. We explain what we can do for you, and provide you with a quote for our services.


We meet with you and your team. We ask more questions to understand intricacies specific to your situation. We compile a specification document that explains your idea. This can be used for obtaining quotes and project planning.


We know about lots of cool/useful technologies, and companies that work with them. We figure out how they can fit together to make your idea a reality. We research to see if there are new technologies/companies that can do it better/faster/cheaper.


We obtain quotes. We sift through the tech-speak to compare apples with apples. We talk to the quoting companies. We deliver a report to you, in person. We give you the bottom-line. We answer all your questions. You’re in charge, so you decide what you do after that.

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Electronic data gathering

Do away with paper-based surveys
Run surveys on your Android phone

OpenDataKit (ODK) ( is a free and open-source set of tools which help organisations author, field, and manage mobile data collection solutions.

• Run surveys from any Android phone or Tablet.
• Perfect for rural or remote sites with no 3G link
• Skip the tedious (and error-prone) step of capturing paper-questionnaires into your database

• We have used ODK on several projects and can help you get up and running with your own surveys.

• If you foresee repeated use of ODK then we can train up your team on ODK, so that you can set up surveys and modify questionnaires as often as you like.

Contact us in the form below for more info on training and other ODK services.

  • Converting your paper forms to electronic format

  • Getting you set up for electronic surveys

  • Learn to setup surveys yourself

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